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Our focus & direction are to hire &
place locals in respective countries.

Careers : Post Your Resume

Priority Selection

We search and contact candidates from our registered CV database before advertising externally, giving you the best possible chance of being selected

Careers : Post Your Resume

Readily Deployable

Having your updated CV already available on our database, ensures that we can send it straight to the client, right after speaking to you! For urgent requests this can be the difference between securing a contract or just missing out!

Careers : Post Your Resume

Relevant Notifications

Specifying your job search criteria, upon registration will ensure that you are only contacted about accurately matched opportunities

Careers : Post Your Resume

Data Protection

All Candidates registered with Kris can be assured of full compliance with the Data Protection Act. Furthermore, we guarantee total confidentiality on all correspondence between us. You can take comfort in the knowledge that Kris will never send your CV anywhere without your explicit prior permission.

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