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Hereby is the recruitment process
outsourcing that we provide

Recruitment Proces Outsourcing

Turnkey Staffing or Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We offer this solution to address the needs for volume recruitment. The
process is time-bound and encompasses a mix of well-defined processes.

Kris feels that it is uniquely positioned to provide full recruitment Services to Client with its fundamentally differentiated Safe-shore
services offering. The following are the compelling differentiators that make Kris the best suited partner for Client.

Right Sized Partner

Kris’s unique size makes it attractive to its large customers and ensures high management attention and focus

Incomparable Flexibility
& Transparency

Kris would be able to map to the unique business requirements of Client in terms of financial structure & resource alignment.

Dedicated team
for the Client

Enhanced Productivity – Kris will not re-assign any Recruitment member assigned to Client without an explicit consent from Client management. In other words, for all operational purposes Client can consider the Kris team as its own employees.

Privileged Access to
Best Recruitment Practices

Kris works with over 20 leading IT technology companies and would be able to leverage that knowledge to the benefit of Client.

RPO : On-Site Model

Recruitment Outsourcing : Onsite Model

Kris will be responsible for end-to-end recruitment on behalf of its clients. In this model, the entire recruitment team from Kris will be based out of its client’s office. The team will be involved in end-to-end recruitment process - right from requirement gathering till the joining of the candidates. The salary fitment or compensation for the selected candidates is ideally done by the client. Kris plans or devises its own recruitment strategies based on the projection and requirement. The team at the client site would adhere to company policy and the SLA that has been mutually agreed between both the parties.

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RPO : Hybrid Model

Recruitment Outsourcing : Hybrid Model

Here again Kris will be responsible for end-to-end recruitment. This model will have part of the team working out of client’s office (onsite) and rest of the team will be based out of Kris Office (offsite). The onsite team would liaise with hiring managers and plan the recruitment strategies. They would then work in conjunction with the Kris backend team. The onsite team shall adhere to company policy and the entire Kris team shall work towards meeting SLA that has been mutually agreed between both the parties.

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RPO : Off-Site Model

Recruitment Outsourcing : Off-Site Model

Kris works as a facilitator that helps the existing recruitment team at our client achieve their target. Since the client would have their own in-house recruitment team, Kris will not be responsible for end-to-end recruitment. Kris’s onsite team would liaise with client’s recruitment manager and work on certain requirements exclusively. They would share the requirement with the Kris backend team who will source CVs and forward it to the onsite team. The onsite team will be responsible for scheduling interviews of candidates presented by Kris team. The onsite team shall adhere to company policy.

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RPO : Post Offer Process Outsourcing

Post Offer Process Outsourcing

This service is suitable for customers who maintain an in-house recruitment team. Kris feels that the candidates who have been offered need to be regularly followed up till the time they join the organization. This is imperative because of the huge market demand for talented professionals and also candidate’s pursuit of better compensation. By outsourcing this process, customer’s recruitment team can save lot of time by skipping follow-up calls and can focus on their core competency, which is recruitment. Kris’s team would give a courtesy call to all the offered candidates on a regular basis. For candidates having issues, Kris team would either address it themselves or bring it to the notice of recruitment team. The team will submit an MIS report on a periodic basis. This team can either be based out of customer’s site or Kris’s office.

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